Ventilation grilles are not only functional but also decorative end elements that play a crucial role in ventilation systems. Our wide range of plastic grilles and adapters come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for the perfect fit over different openings. These grilles are integral components of any ventilation system, ensuring optimal airflow and ventilation performance. Choosing the right grilles is essential for the overall operation and effectiveness of your ventilation system. With our high-quality grilles, you can rely on superior functionality and a seamless integration into your ventilation setup. Enhance the efficiency of your ventilation system by selecting the perfect grilles for your needs.


plastic square grilles N

plastic grilles with shutters N-Z

plastic external grilles N-F

plastic round ceiling grilles NGA

plastic square ceiling grilles N-G

plastic rectangular grilles N25-30

plastic grilles VRØ

plastic grilles VR

plastic door grilles VR459

plastic grille-control hatch with filter HYBRID

plastic adapters VA

plastic grilles-adapters NA

plastic flanges VF

plastic reducer VA