EUROPLAST are a producer of ventilation systems and elements since 1998.


Our clients can count on high quality, safe and functional products, unique design solutions and great conditions of cooperation.


Industrial park area

8 000m2

Company employs

Proffesional team

Key activity area

Manufacture and sale of ventilation systems and their elements

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We produce a wide range of ventilation products: exhaust fans, kitchen hoods, plastic grilles, metal grilles, diffusers, fireplace grilles, anodized and painted aluminium grilles, plastic rectangular and round systems, air ducts, ventilation kits, metal round ventilation systems, inspection hatches, mounting elements and accessories.

All our products are made from high quality raw materials and components provided by suppliers with the best reputation.

Company data:

Eiroplasts SIA (Ltd) 40003398515 
VAT nr.: LV40003398515
Adress: Salaspils nov., Salaspils pag., Acone, Granīta iela 32 k-6, LV-2119

Ventilation have a positive effect on health and well-being!

Improved air quality

A healthy environment for your family

Better life quality

Ventilation improves your live quality

Europlast - best for you!

We manufacture products for your life comfort





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Our export regions

Products, manufactured by EUROPLAST are available in the Baltic States, Scandinavia, other European Union countries, USA, Canada, New Zealand, in the Middle East, Africa and the CIS.

Export opportunities

Almost the whole world

Export share

80% of production

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Company policy



EIROPLASTS ensures the production and delivery of plastic and metal ventilation systems to the customer.

EIROPLASTS is committed maintain high product quality, improve processes related to customers and product quality, and improve the quality management system.

EIROPLASTS is committed to continuously improving the assortment of manufactured goods and the quality of the services provided. Continuously take care of improving the qualifications of working personnel and learning new skills in the professional field.



EIROPLASTS is committed to continuously developing processes and systems necessary for the continuous improvement of energy performance, additional energy efficiency, energy use, and energy consumption, and supports a culture of energy performance improvement at all levels of the company's operations.

EIROPLASTS is committed to ensuring that information and necessary resources are available throughout the organization to achieve goals and meet energy efficiency, energy use, energy-related legislative requirements, and other requirements.

EIROPLASTS undertakes continuous improvement of energy performance and energy management system, supports the purchase of energy efficiency products and services, as well as carries out activities that take into account the improvement of energy performance.



EIROPLASTS is committed to protecting the environment, incl. preventing the possibility of pollution or pollution, and commit to finding sustainable solutions to climate change mitigation.

EIROPLASTS is committed to fulfilling the applicable requirements and other requirements related to environmental performance.

EIROPLASTS undertakes to improve emission, wastewater, and waste control and management mechanisms. To the extent, avoid dangerous or potentially polluting materials and substances, and when using them ensure their maximum safe use. Continually reduce the waste generated from the operation of EUROPLASTS. Drive and implement environmental improvement initiatives that align with the company's business priorities. Improve relations with interested parties - buyers, state and local government institutions, neighbors, investors, and insurers.



EIROPLASTS is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions to prevent workrelated injuries and health deterioration.

EIROPLASTS is committed to preventing hazards and reducing occupational health and safety risks and undertakes to comply with the applicable legislative requirements and other requirements that apply to the health of employees and other persons visiting EIROPLASTS.

EIROPLASTS is committed to continuous improvement of the OH&S management system through employee consultation and participation.



EIROPLASTS is committed to continuously improving internal processes related to smart company management, human rights, employment practices, environmental sustainability, fair business practices, and incl. ethical attitude in cooperation with interested parties, consumer rights, public involvement, and development.

EIROPLASTS ethical values are based on the basic principles of fairness, equality, and justice and are constant at all levels of the company.

EIROPLASTS employs minors exclusively by the binding regulatory enactments, i.e. and only persons older than 15 years, as well as, when employing such persons, pay special attention to their safety and health, incl. for emotional security.

EIROPLASTS periodically reviews the decisions made regarding equal treatment between the genders and guides decisions to break down barriers. Working hours and pay are determined by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, as well as cultural and social practices, and are equal for both genders. We respect the basic rights of people and respect them regardless of their culture, gender, and/or other affiliation. There is no forced employment in the company.

EIROPLASTS provides information to interested parties about social responsibility, i.e. is not afraid to share knowledge and skills, as well as, if necessary, indicates the possibilities of increasing competence.

EIROPLASTS supports people's right to religious and political values, promotes fair treatment of minorities, and smaller groups, and in supply chains supports companies that use natural, financial and human resources effectively, as well as responsibly about people’s religious and political views.

EIROPLASTS corporate social responsibility drives the goals, improves the company's sustainability, reduces risks, and improves the reputation in front of society. The social responsibility strategy goes hand in hand with other company policies, as well as the United Nations' sustainability goals, and is based on international standards and examples of good practice.